Dear Industry Colleagues,

I hope you’ve all had a great start to 2013. On behalf of QPS’ management team, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our clients, vendors, and employees for making 2012 successful for QPS. We are sincerely thankful for the opportunity to work with our clients and vendors, and recognize the contribution and hard work from our employees to make 2012’s success possible.

It is never boring at QPS and there’s been a lot of activity since our last update in November 2012. It is my absolute pleasure to update you on QPS’ continuous global expansion plan and advise you about our efforts in strengthening QPS’ medical expertise and scientific expertise, especially in the areas of Early Stage Clinical, Neurosciences, Hepatic Biosciences, Biosimilars, and IND-enabling capabilities, as follows:

QPS Acquired Miami Research Associates which expands QPS’ Global Network of Early and Late Stage Clinical Research Facilities

Miami Research Associates (MRA). Headquartered in Miami, Florida, a US-based contract research organization (CRO) will be known as QPS MRA and become a wholly-owned subsidiary of QPS Holdings, LLC. With the completion of this acquisition, QPS further expands its global range of linearly-integrated preclinical and clinical drug development resources and services. MRA’s state-of-the-art 50-bed clinical pharmacology unit accommodates Phase I studies in both healthy human volunteers and patients. This acquisition will allow QPS to conduct first-in-human (FIH) trials in the US and expand its current offering of patient populations for Phase I - IV studies. QPS now provides one of the world’s largest Phase I site offerings with 480 Phase I beds on three continents: 58 in the Netherlands, 92 in India, 40 in Taiwan, and 290 in the USA (240 in Missouri + 50 in Florida).

MRA’s Phase I unit will be integrated with QPS’ global early-stage clinical operations, whereas MRA’s Miami outpatient clinics will continue to operate as an independent research site for Phase II - IV trials.

QPS Launched “QPS Hepatic Biosciences” - A Center of Excellence for Cell-Based Research and Services.

Hepatic Biosciences is a new division within the QPS DMPK department and will specialize in hepatocyte research, drug metabolism, drug transporter sciences, andin vitro drug-drug interactions. The scientific discipline of this new operation at The Hamner Institutes is jointly led by Drs. Edward LeCluyse, Associate Investigator at The Hamner Institutes, and Caroline Lee, Director of Drug Metabolism and Transporter Sciences at QPS. Hepatic Biosciences has also assumed responsibility for all GLP-compliant quality assurance and bioanalysis in support of The Hamner Institutes. In addition to augmenting existing Hamner research programs, QPS will focus on new business development for both organizations.

The new Hepatic Biosciences division continues the growth of our DMPK competency which initiated with the hiring of Dr. Ragu Ramanthan in October 2012 to spearhead the QPS Biotransformation Group. The personnel within DMPK are dedicated to providing the best science in in vitro and in vivo ADME studies to address our sponsors’ ADME needs.

Strengthening in vitro ADME within QPS is a logical extension of our bench-to-the-bedside strategy in bridging preclinical data to Phase I by addressing drug-drug interaction concerns. The collaboration with The Hamner Institutes reinforces the QPS’ philosophy of providing outstanding science and services to our customers. QPS is very pleased to collaborate with the many distinguished scientists within The Hamner Institutes.

QPS Created Global Business Functions to Better Serve our Clients Through an Integrated Service Offering

With all the increased capabilities in recent years, QPS has been working hard on integrating these capabilities globally so we can better serve our clients. QPS has since created the following global business functions:

  • QPS Neurosciences
  • QPS Biosimilars
  • QPS IND Integrated Services
  • QPS Bioanalysis
  • QPS Translational Medicine
  • QPS Preclinical DMPK
  • QPS Toxicology
  • QPS Early Stage Clinical
  • QPS Phase II – IV Clinical
  • QPS Clinical Research Services
QPS Sponsored a Neurosciences-based International Symposium in Florence, Italy

Another exciting event is the QPS sponsored and organized training symposium at the 11th International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases,AD/PD™ 2013, held on March 5-10 in Florence, Italy. The QPS symposium held on March 8th morning session featured excellent speakers including QPS’ scientists and QPS’ close research partners. The symposium was well-attended and attracted close to 700+ participants.  The program and the speakers are listed below. This symposium showcased QPS’s commitment to the field of neuroscience and our global capabilities in supporting neuroscience research.


Symposium Sponsored by QPS, Co-chaired by Bengt Winblad and Ben Chien

Speakers were:

  • Walter Bee, Taiwan - VP of Toxicology at QPS Taiwan
  • Eric Solon, USA - Research Fellow at QPS Delaware
  • Manfred Windisch, Austria - Global Head of Neuroscience at QPS Austria
  • John Harrison, UK - Principal Consultant at Metis Cognition Ltd
  • Jakub Hort, Czech Republic - Associate Professor at Charles University
  • BengtWinblad, Sweden - Professor at the Karolinska Institute

QPS continues to recruit and hire high-quality employees to complement our experienced staff.  Globally, QPS is now 1150+ employees with a presence on four continents in 26 countries, and ten research sites. In concert with our expansion, QPS is proud of and strives to maintain our friendly and caring company culture at all of our business sites.

QPS has grown significantly in the last five years, well in line with the goals we set five years ago. Our hard work and commitment to continuously improvement in providing excellent science, quality and good services to our clients was the key to our success. Our employees are friendly and we have a down-to-the-earth culture that believes in hard work and making a difference for our community. QPS’ management team just completed setting goals for the next 5 years (2013-2017). We remain ambitious in our future growth plans and believe we will continue the path of realizing our vision, which is:

  • QPS is a global leader in contract research.
  • QPS is known for quality, technical expertise, efficiency, and customer focus.
  • QPS is recognized for passionate and productive work which creates value for patients and customers, while creating opportunities for employees to grow and thrive.

Sincerely Yours,

Ben Chien, Ph.D.
QPS Founder, Chairman and CEO

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