Dear Industry Colleagues,

We hope that 2013 is continuing to be a good year for all of our clients, vendors, and employees. QPS is pleased to take this opportunity to inform you about our continued growth and expansion during the second quarter of 2013.

1 March 2013: QPS Begins Start-up of a New Site/New Service Area in Södertälje, Sweden

In March 2013 QPS took steps to begin a new pre-clinical neuroscience site in Sweden which will focus on delivering integrated in vivo studies to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. Starting with an initial staff of 3 in March, and expanding to a staff of 12 by third quarter 2013, QPS Sweden will provide preclinical efficacy studies employing high resolution MRI imaging, in vivo electrophysiology, tissue imaging, autoradiography, bio fluid sampling, and behavioral analysis. Scientists/management leading this effort include:

  • Mattias Lindberg, Ph.D. – Managing Director
  • Susanne Gustavsson, Ph.D. – Operations Manager and Neurology Lead
  • Karin Hygge Blakeman, Ph.D. – Marketing Manager and Analgesia Lead
1 May 2013: QPS Holdings, LLC Formalizes a Global Matrix Leadership Structure to Integrate its Service Offerings

With a global footprint and expanded service offerings at multiple locations, QPS Holdings, LLC formalized a matrix leadership and reporting structure to maximize integration of its services to clients worldwide. Major elements include:

  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - Howard Schwartz, M.D. (reports to the Chairman/CEO). Howard also retains his role as President and General Manager of QPS MRA in Miami, FL.
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) - Kumar Ramu, Ph.D. (reports to the Chairman/CEO)
  • Global Functional Group Heads for Global Service Areas who report to the COO,
    as follows:
    • Preclinical DMPK, Tox, and IND Package – Zamas Lam, Ph.D.
    • Bioanalysis – Kumar Ramu, Ph.D. (in the interim)
    • Translational Medicine and Biosimilars – LingSing Chen, Ph.D.
    • Early Phase Clinical – Wim Tamminga, Ph.D.
    • Late Phase Clinical and Neuroscience – Manfred Windisch, Ph.D.
    • Clinical Research Services – Brock Guernsey, Pharm.D.
    • Business Development – Livia Legg, M.S.
      • This group will be structured to support functional business areas
    • Marketing/Public Relations – Reinier Schwietert, R.Ph., Ph.D.
  • All Global Functional Group Heads continue to report to the CEO on strategic related matters.
  • Regional Heads for Major Geographical Areas who continue to report to the CEO include:
    • Europe – Koos Koops, M.Sc.
    • Asia – Vincent Yen, M.B.A.
    • India – Suneil Reddy
    • USA – Ben Chien, Ph.D.
  • Global Heads of Support Services who continue to report to the CEO include:
    • Finance & IT – T. Ben Hsu, Ph.D., M.B.A.
    • Quality Assurance – Wendy Finan, B.S.
    • Human Resources – Jan Ekoniak, B.A., PHR
22 May 2013: QPS recognized as ‘Company of the Year’ by Delaware Bioscience Association

During its annual awards gala at the DuPont Country Club, the Delaware Bioscience Association (Delaware Bio) recognized QPS with its prestigious ‘Company of the Year’ award. More than 300 leaders of industry, government, and academia gathered to honor QPS for its significant contributions to the state's life science community. Delaware Bio is a non-profit trade association that serves its members and the State of Delaware by collaborating with other local businesses and organizations to advance the growth of the bioscience industry in the state and region (www.delawarebio.org).

7 June 2013: Mr. Paul Lehman joined QPS Holdings as Vice President of Dermal and Transdermal Research Services.

QPS is excited to announce that Paul Lehman, M.S., has joined QPS to establish a new service offering – Clinical Research in Dermal and Transdermal routes of medications. Paul brings more than thirty years of internationally-recognized research in the field of topical and transdermal pharmacokinetics and their bioequivalence. He has been a Principal Investigator, Sub-Investigator, Principal Scientist, or Study Director on more than 600 clinical and in vitro studies. He received his M.S. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Washington, and holds dual B.S. degrees in Biology and Business Administration from Incarnate College in Texas. Paul reports to Dr. Kumar Ramu, COO, and will be based at his home in the Seattle area. He will direct and manage the dermal and transdermal studies to be conducted at QPS Bio-Kinetic in Springfield, MO. We are thrilled to offer this new line of service to our clients and to welcome Paul to the QPS Team.

17 June 2013: Dr. Luca Matassa joined QPS as Vice President and Head of Bioanalysis for QPS, LLC in Delaware

Luca Matassa, Ph.D., will head up QPS, LLC’s regulated bioanalysis unit in Delaware including bioanalysis and related support services which includes sample coordination, metrology, mass spec and engineering, technical report writing, and archiving. Luca brings a depth of scientific and leadership experience to QPS with more than twenty-five years in bioanalysis having served most recently as a consultant with Eisai, and previously in management and leadership roles with Tandem, Intertek-Alta Analytical, Covance, and Mann Testing Labs. His accomplishments in establishing, expanding, and improving bioanalysis services during his years with Covance and Tandem are especially noteworthy. Luca received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from The University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and his B.S. in Honours Chemistry from the same university. Luca will be based at the Newark, Delaware Headquarters and report to Dr. Kumar Ramu, COO. It is indeed a great pleasure to welcome Luca to the QPS Team.

I am pleased and proud of QPS’ continuous progress and want to underscore that QPS is well-positioned to achieve success and realize its corporate vision, which is:

  • QPS is a global leader in contract research.
  • QPS is known for quality, technical expertise, efficiency, and customer focus.
  • QPS is recognized for passionate and productive work which creates value for patients and customers, while creating opportunities for employees to grow and thrive.

Sincerely Yours,

Ben Chien, Ph.D.
QPS Founder, Chairman and CEO

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