These are exciting, dynamic times for QPS. After experiencing a challenging time in our industry in 2009-2010, QPS decided to compete aggressively to earn 'preferred provider status' from more clients. We made four acquisitions in 2010/2011 so that we can now offer our clients an impressive global capability in bioanalysis, translational medicine, preclinical, early clinical, and phase 2 - 4 clinical services. This immediately translated into much greater visibility in the industry and access to more clients and more opportunities than ever before. We have pursued and won contracts that are being fulfilled through the synergy of services provided by multiple QPS sites around the world.

QPS' expanded capacity and global capability comes at a perfect time. Big Pharma is moving towards selecting only a few 'preferred providers' to work with, and QPS has been invited by many pharma and biotech clients to participate in their preferred provider selection process. In just a short time, QPS has been awarded "preferred provider status" by several major pharma/biotech/generic clients, and we are negotiating with several other companies to be among their preferred providers.

Why are we poised for success as a preferred provider? Major factors are:
  • QPS' global bioanalytical capability is among the top three in the world;
  • QPS' global early clinical capability ranks among the top ten in the world, in terms of number of phase 1 beds and overall capability;
  • QPS is gradually developing phase 2-4 global footprints in the USA, Europe, and in emerging countries;
  • QPS is one of the very few CROs in the industry that provides a variety of global sites to deliver high quality integrated services, from preclinical to early clinical development.

We are strategically very competitive and uniquely positioned for success. Thanks to our growth, we have been actively hiring new employees in the US and plan to hire more based on continued strong business performance. I feel great about the direction in which we are heading.

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