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The QPS Strategy for Overcoming Business Challenges:
QPS 20th Anniversary Series, Part 5
dateOctober 26, 2015
dateKristin Miller, QPS Marketing

When I reflect on the past 20 years of my life, I remember both the milestones and the few challenges I encountered along the way. (Though, if I’m being completely honest it’s probably more than a few, many of them self-inflicted, but who’s keeping score?)

It seems refreshing to me then to hear our CEO, Ben Chien, PhD, discuss some of the “hiccups” QPS has faced throughout its history. As part of our video series commemorating QPS’s 20th Anniversary, Chien spoke about how QPS worked through those hiccups with the help of a dedicated team.

Most striking is his recollection that not only did the team stick together when they hit a bump in the road, but they managed to learn from each challenge to become a better, stronger company. This willingness to face challenges head on, with teamwork and honesty, is a large reason for QPS's sustained success over the past 20 years.

And in true QPS fashion, Chien somehow brings this discussion back around to two things we talk about a lot here: fun and the patient. Sound like a stretch? Trust me, it's not. Hear how he ties it all together in the video below: