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Why Employees Are Our #1 Driver of Success:
QPS 20th Anniversary Series, Part 2
dateOctober, 2015
dateKristin Miller, QPS Marketing

As anyone with fond memories of home cooked meals knows, the best food you can find isn’t determined only by the ingredients, or the recipe or how perfect the chef’s technique is. The very best food - the meals you remember and keep going back for - have a little something extra: love. Many think you can taste the difference when a chef truly loves what they do and cares about the people they are serving. And call us sentimental, but we think the same is true of our work here at QPS.

In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we’ve put together a video series highlighting who we are, what we do and where we’re going. Check out the second installment below to hear Ben Chien, PhD, QPS Chairman, President and CEO, describe why he credits QPS’s employees with the company’s success. Our scientists and professionals are among the best in the world, but what sets them apart is their passion for their work and the impact it has on the patient.

The knowledge that it’s the people that make the difference is so ingrained in QPS’s company culture that when Chien was selected to receive a 2015 Finance Monthly magazine CEO Award, he quickly shined the light back on his employees.

“Our employees are smart, friendly and accommodating,” he said. “Their commitment to really listen and respond to clients’ needs is what sets QPS apart from the competition.”

Make sure to check in next week for the next part of our video series. And if you think passionate, friendly and smart describe you too, look through our job openings and let us know if you’d like to join the team.