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QPS Tapped for Two New FIH Studies
dateMay 05, 2017
dateAbby Doppler

Two companies have just selected QPS Netherlands to conduct their First-in-Human studies.

Acticor Biotech, a Paris-based biotechnology company focused on the treatment of acute ischemic stroke, selected the QPS facility in Groningen, The Netherlands, to manage a Phase I clinical study. The goal of the study is to assess safety and tolerance as well as hemostasis and coagulation, and to determine the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drug candidate ACT017. The submission is planned for September 2017 and the first cohort of volunteers is planned for October 2017. More information can be found in a recent press release issued by Acticor.

Stockholm-based pharmaceutical developer Kancera AB has also selected QPS Netherlands, for an FIH study of its drug candidate KAND567. This Phase I study will evaluate safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and food effect after oral dosing of KAND567 in healthy subjects. The study will begin in May 2017. More information can be found in a recent press release issued by Kancera.

Both of these studies have the potential to change outcomes for patients.

ACT017 is a humanized fragment of monoclonal antibody (Fab) which binds to platelet glycoprotein GPVI and inhibits platelet adhesion and aggregation on collagen and polymerized fibrin with no influence on bleeding time or platelet count. If feasible, the treatment may be a new option for stroke therapy, even in patients ineligible for standard thrombolytics.

KAND567 is an antagonist to Fractalkine receptor CX3CR1. Fractalkine regulates the migration of immune cells, and its activity is elevated in many inflammatory diseases, cancer and in chronic pain conditions. By downregulating this activity, KAND567 may be able to prevent relapse in autoimmune disease and prevent pain associated with cancer therapy.

Way to go, Acticor and Kancera!

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