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Growth and Goals–Our Next 10 Years:
QPS 20th Anniversary Series, Part 6
dateOctober 26, 2015
dateKristin Miller, QPS Marketing

The past 20 years for QPS have included countless hours of hard work, exciting change and a tireless commitment to do what is right for the client and the patient. Like anything, there have been ups and downs and challenges to overcome. There have also been accolades and—above all—a transcendent atmosphere of teamwork.

And, according to our CEO Ben Chien, PhD, the goal of all this has been to develop a CRO with fully-integrated services that span the entire drug development pipeline from preclinical to market approval.

As regulatory requirements, cost pressures and timeline constraints continue to intensify, we know our pharmaceutical clients need a partner who can provide consulting and expertise-and can jump in at any point to get the job done. We're almost there, but still have a few holes to fill in.

Watch the video below to hear Chien explain in more detail what the next 10 years will look like for QPS.

In this final video of our six-part Anniversary Series, he speaks about acquiring the resources that will allow us to provide completely integrated services. He also speaks about his goal of providing financial assistance to clients to help them grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Because after 20 years of growing from a three-person lab to an international CRO, we do know a thing or two about achieving goals. And we look forward to sharing that knowledge during our next 20 years.