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What a Patient-Focused Outlook Means for Staff and Clients:
QPS 20th Anniversary Series, Part 3
dateOctober, 2015
dateKristin Miller, QPS Marketing

Brandi Muehlethaler, Supervisor Wet Lab Operations, says she still gets emotional thinking about the role she had in developing a drug therapy for stroke victims that ended up helping her own father. And Brandi’s not alone at QPS in her knowledge of how important her work is to patients.

In the daily grind of lab work, clinical reports and regulatory requirements, it might be easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose, especially in the face of increasing cost and timeline pressures facing the CRO and pharmaceutical industries. But from our 20 year history of success, we know that keeping the patient’s needs first is the key to providing the best possible service to our clients.

In the video below, the third in our six-part 20th Anniversary series, Brandy and our team talk about how this patient-focused approach affects them both at work and at home.

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