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Protein Quantitation by LC-MS/MS is Just Around the Corner
dateJuly 24, 2015
dateZamas Lam, Senior Vice President Preclinical Development

We love it when you notice! At the recent Sciex Users gathering of MS geeks in the 63th ASMS Annual Conference, one member of Team QPS reported: 

What were they talking about? As you undoubtedly realize, LBA (Ligand Binding Assay) is the current accepted gold standard for the quantitative measurement of biologics. But once mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) has been proven to perform complementary to LBA (and trust us, it “is”!), this next-generation assay technique is destined to become another gold standard.

Looking down the road, it’s not hard to predict that the more this technique mainstreams, the more you will want it! So we’re getting ready. Keep an eye out for QPS news of freshly minted studies comparing PK parameters of immunocapture LC-MS/MS with those of LBAs - employing a variety of biologics - in the near future!

Here is the link to the presentation on protein quantitation by LC-MS/MS that was given by Zamas Lam, Ph.D., Senior Vice President Preclinical Development at the Sciex Users Meeting at the 63rd ASMS Annual Conference.