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QPS will create an (LC)-ICP-MS assay to perform the critical elemental analysis in your drug development study
dateMarch 1, 2016
dateAbby Doppler

If you need to quantify blood zinc levels, are working on a gadolinium-based MRI contrast agent, or need to measure platinum levels in mouse livers - a QPS-developed (LC)-ICP-MS assay may well be what you need.

These assays, validated according to FDA, EMA and ICH guidelines, can quantify levels of most ELEMENTS (such as iron, copper, zinc, platinum, gadolinium, magnesium, cadmium, lead, and so on) in just about any matrix - whether liquid or solid/digested. Processing is fairly easy, so turnaround times are quick.

Our assays have been used in studies to do things like:

  • Determine free and total platinum in urine, whole blood, red blood cells, or plasma from new or existing platinum drug formulations e.g., oxaliplatin, cisplatin and carboplatin
  • Analyze micelle and/or protein-bound and free platinum in one analytical run using LC-ICP-MS and size exclusion chromatography
  • Simultaneously determine free and chelated Gd (up to 1 : 10000) in MRI contrast enhancing agents under development
  • Determine platinum levels in mouse plasma and mouse organs
  • Determine copper, zinc, aluminum and iron in human blood, as biomarkers in Alzheimer and Parkinson disease

Let us know what you need to accomplish and we will develop the validated assay to do the job

For more information, see the ICP-MS tech sheet and talk to us! As always, we’re here to help.