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Translational Medicine Now Bigger and Better at QPS
dateJuly 14, 2017
dateAbby Doppler

Goodbye boutique CRO, hello large study BIG PLAYER! For a long time, you’ve known us as THE high quality outfit that can stabilize difficult assays in the initial stages of clinical investigation. But we’ve been investing in additional technical personnel and laboratory capacity for translational medicine at our Flagship Delaware Technology Park facility. And now we can do the hard assays AND follow through and support Phase III, with our new capacity for processing the high sample volumes even very large clinical trials demand.

Upgrades feature:

  • Laboratory staff increase from 57 to 88, mostly technical
  • Analysis teams increasing from seven to eleven
  • New, special working group to handle regulatory authorities’ rising demand for neutralizing antibody assays
  • Expanded square footage for immunobioanalysis and cell culture
  • Expanded protein mass spectrometry area

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