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Sports Nutrition Leadership, Benchtop to Countertop:
Watch the Webinar on Building Better Beverages with panelist Doug Kalman, Director of Nutrition & Endocrinology at QPS MRA
dateJuly 29, 2015 - 2pm, EST
dateAbby Doppler, QPS Marketing

Finding something tasty to drink at the mini-mart has gotten really complicated lately. Knowing the usual soft drinks are unhealthy, you may be tempted by the “sport” drink section. But even if you’ve grabbed the colorless option to avoid massive quantities of Blue #1 or Yellow #5, a quick label-read may have you flipping that bottle back on the shelf in despair. And the rest of the case holds legions of equally dubious products.

Recognizing this common dilemma, Nutraceuticals World Magazine has invited Doug Kalman PhD, RD, Director of Nutrition & Endocrinology at QPS MRA (Miami Research Associates), to be on the panel of a FREE webinar entitled: “Sports Nutrition to Active Nutrition: What is Fueling the Transformation?”

Geared toward supplement, beverage and food manufacturers interested in meeting the mass market demand for products that increase stamina, sustain energy, enhance recovery and are science-backed with clean ingredients, the webinar promises to help attendees:

  • Recognize the emerging consumer segments fueling the change in market demand.
  • Learn about key, quality ingredients moving from gym to mainstream.
  • Learn how to leverage delivery systems to optimize key ingredient performance and consumer appeal.

As an expert in Sports Nutrition, this is a great opportunity for QPS MRA’s Dr. Kalman to share his knowledge and hopefully, influence the mass drink market—for the better.

Find out more and register for the Capsugel®-sponsored webinar (yes, it’s FREE!)