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Writing the Book on Beta-Alanine for Sports Performance: QPS MRA’s Doug Kalman Takes a Stand
dateAugust 11, 2015
dateAbby Doppler, QPS Marketing

Ever wish that really big hill you always cycle up would seem a little less hilly? Want to swing impressive poundage at your next kettlebell class?According to Doug Kalman PhD, RD, Director of Nutrition & Endocrinology at QPS MRA (Miami Research Associates) and other contributors to the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s position paper on β-Alanine, you can!

Beta-Alanine increases carnosine levels. Carnosine, a dipeptide of β-alanine and histidine found in muscle and brain tissue, acts as a buffer to combat acid buildup during exercise. Apparently, 4 to 6 g of β-alanine daily for a few weeks (in divided doses if you don’t like tingling) can improve strength, stamina and possibly, tactical performance.

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