New Drug Assays added to the QPS Global Assay Database - February, 2014

Check out some of the latest options recently added to our list of available drug assays.

Adalimumab (ADA) Diphenhydramine Phenobarbital
Adalimumab (Nab) Dolutegravir Posaconazole
Adalimumab (PK) Enoxaparin Sodium (anti-Factor IIa) Pravastatin
Albuterol Enoxaparin Sodium (anti-Factor Xa) Pseudoephedrine
Axitinib Gabapentin Rifampin
Bevacizumab (PK) Hydromorphone Hydrocodone Rituximab (ADA)
Bevacizumab (PK) Ibuprofen Rituximab (Nab)
Cyclosporin A Insulin Lispro (PK) Rituximab (PK) – ELISA &Gyrolab
Dalteparin Sodium (anti-Factor IIa) Meloxicam Sumatriptan
Dalteparin Sodium (anti-Factor Xa) Methylphenidate Trastuzumab - Total (PK)
Darbepoetin Alpha Norgestimate Norgestrel Triazolam
Dasatinib Paliperidone Trientine MAT

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