QPS Expands Its Delaware Bioanalytical Laboratory Facilities with a New & Improved High-Through put Sample Management Laboratory for Secure Sample Storage and Monitoring

When our clients got to visit the new QPS-BA freezer farm, their first comment was, “WOW!”


QPS Delaware has expanded its sample storage capability in response to client demand for long-term sample storage which provides robust, state-of-the art sample management conditions. By investing in a newly updated sample storage facility, QPS-BA is able to offer improved sample organization, monitoring, and tracking, all in efforts to maintain the absolute highest quality of care for our clients’ valuable samples.

The sample management laboratory is sized to comfortably fit all existing freezers, with ample consideration for personnel access, as well as room for the expansion of additional freezers in the future.

The upgraded high-throughput sample management laboratory’s new state-of-the-art storage and monitoring system comprises of the following features:

  • Proximity card reader for authorized access to the suite
  • Individually lockedfreezer doors with restricted authorized access to each storage unit
  • Individual unit content tracking via electronic LIMS database
  • 24/7 temperature range monitoring system linked to each individual storage unit (Rees Centron Environmental Monitoring System)
  • Programming which immediately alerts personnel of temperature range fluctuations via text message, phone call and/or e-mail notifications
  • Active cooling systems that are designed to maintain ideal room conditions
  • Sample coordination staff stationed adjacent to the sample storage area, allowing constant monitoring, oversight, and maintenance of the sample management lab and equipment

Investing in state-of-the art sample management and storage technology is just one more way that QPS is providing the best possible integrated bioanalytical services to our clients. By investing in new advanced sample management infrastructure, QPS continues to support our clients’ objectives so that they may continue to perform precise and robust drug level PK monitoring during drug development.

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