QPS Neurosciences Announces Partnership with PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc. and Launch of In Vitro Neural Toxicology Screening Program

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – April 10, 2013 – QPS Holdings, LLC, a Newark, Delaware, USA headquartered contract research organization (CRO) and cell products supplier, today announced a partnership with PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc. to distribute their Human Cryo Neurons™ and Neural Stem Cell Progenitor models within North America and the European Union.  QPS Neurosciences previously launched neurotoxicity screening services at their Research Triangle Park location, using High Content Image Analysis (HCA) in order to study cell differentiation, disease target end points, synapse loss/gain, kinase activation, protein translocation, etc. using neonatal stem cell, ES, EC and iPS-derived human and rodent neurons.  In addition to these screening services, QPS Neurosciences will now also sell and distribute PhoenixSongs’ neural products to industry and academic groups.


“Our team is extremely excited to be partnered with the scientific team atPhoenixSongs Biologicals.  This partnership and our combined expertise has been a critical step in establishing this center of excellence in North Carolina for in vitroscreening of potential neurotoxins and Cryo Neuron™ distribution,” said Shiloh J. Barfield, VP of Technical Sales for QPS in RTP.

“The neuropharmacology group appreciates the possibility to integrate the experience of PhoenixSongs Biologicals into our service portfolio, using neuronal cells as efficacy and safety screens for new CNS compounds. We believe that the use of Human Cryo Neurons™ will increase the predictive value of our in vitro test systems” said Manfred Windisch, Ph.D., Global Head of Neurosciences at QPS.

“We are very pleased to now be formally partnered with QPS.  Our collaboration is an ideal match, combing expertise in neural stem cell biology with state of the art cellular imaging and analytical services, world renowned neuroscientists, and a stellar sales and marketing team,” said Richard Malavarca, President ofPhoenixSongsBiologicals, Inc.


Founded in 1995, QPS is a minority owned business enterprise (MBE) and a GLP/GCP-compliant contract research organization (CRO) supporting discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development. QPS provides quality services to pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, research centers, and academic groups worldwide. The linearly integrated core competencies include: DMPK, drug transporters, toxicology, bioanalysis, translational medicine, early stage clinical research, and Phase 2 – 4 clinical research program management, oncology, CNS, etc.  Regional laboratories and testing facilities are located at QPS headquarters in Newark, DE, USA; Springfield, MO, USA; Research Triangle Park, NC, USA; South Miami, FL, USA; Groningen, The Netherlands; Graz, Austria; Hyderabad, India; and Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, visit

QPS Holdings, LLC expanded their Neurosciences division in 2012 with the acquisition of JSW Life Sciences.  QPS Neuroscience is the largest neural focused CRO group in the world with capabilities spanning the entire drug discovery and development continuum including in vitro target ID, transgenic disease models, behavioral testing, qualitative and quantitative histology, small animal high resolution MRI and CNS focused early and late stage clinical programs.  QPS Neuroscience is led by Dr. Manfred Windisch and is headquartered in Graz, Austria.  For more information, visit


PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc. was founded by Dr. Lola M. Reid in June, 2009 and now led by Marsha Roach (stem cell research) and Richard Malavarca (media formulation and development).  These founders have expertise in human and rodent embryonic stem cells, iPS cells, neural stem cells and neuronal systems as well as specialty custom media and maturational lineages of human and rodent liver, biliary tree and pancreas and in using hormonally defined media and extracellular matrix conditions for these cells. Their collective expertise enables PhoenixSongs Biologicals to establish stem cells or their differentiated cell derivatives under wholly defined conditions as models for use in academic and industrial investigations.

Shiloh J. Barfield

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