QPS Hepatic Biosciences Launches New Life Sciences Products Website:

QPS Hepatic Biosciences (QPS-HB) was established in 2013 as a center of excellence for cell based research and services specializing in hepatocyte research, drug metabolism, drug transporter sciences, and in vitro drug-drug interactions. QPS-HB’s mission is to provide the best science in in vitro ADME studies, and in conjunction with our already well established in vivo ADME facility to comprehensively address our clients’ ADME needs.

Through its new Life Sciences Products Website, QPS-HB is offering cryopreserved and freshly isolated hepatocytes of various donor origins (human, rodent, canine, rabbit, mini-pig, and non-human primate), of the highest quality possible.

The new website features an Isolation Calendar for freshly isolated animal hepatocytes as well as a Fresh Alert! System for freshly isolated human hepatocytes, to notify clients when a new human donor is being isolated.

As with every new website, we know there may be digital hiccups and you may experience virtual road blocks along the way. This is where we need your help! Please email us at if you see a broken link or feel that something should be reviewed or enhanced. We will do our best to perfect your browsing experience.

Going forward, we promise to continually expand our online content and keep you updated with the latest information on QPS-HB. Check back often, and connect with us on your social network.

So remember, to place orders for QPS Hepatic Biosciences Products go to

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