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QPS Bio-Kinetic completes 92-subject BE study for Japanese client in record time!

It's not often that a customer will take the time to write a thank you note. That is why QPS Bio-Kinetic is especially pleased with the letter of thanks received recently about a BE study that was completed in record time with a record number of subjects. Because of the dedication we offer to our clients, each and every study that takes place in our facility is treated as a top priority. We strive to fulfill every request, no matter the difficulty.

For over 17 years, QPS Bio-Kinetic has worked with clients to recruit the highest quality subjects to meet the objectives of the study. We have recruited for over 1000 studies and have a 98% success rate in study recruitment. Our team of recruiters has years of experience in working with the people that volunteer their time in the name of science, building a database of over 20,000 diverse subjects to be a part of our clients studies. The majority of these subjects come from within a 100 mile radius of our location, in the heart of the USA, but some travel much further.

Being located in the Midwest, Southern Missouri to be exact, has its advantages. The cost of living is less expensive here than just about anywhere else in the USA. Because of this, our cost of recruiting is much lower than other Phase 1 CRO's that may be located in the much larger metro areas of the North and Southeast. As to be expected, a lower cost of recruiting has a direct effect on the client.

Not only do we have the ability to efficiently recruit large numbers of subjects, our scientists and technical staff work quickly, efficiently, and accurately to process all of the samples collected at each trial. Offering a quick turn-around lets clients move onto the next development phase without delay.

With so much to offer it's no wonder clients keep coming back to us. We hope to receive many more thank you letters in the years to come, because we are certainly going to continue offering the best possible service available.

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