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Human Mass Balance Studies: New, Sophisticated On-Site Clinical ADME Laboratory

QPS recently expanded its laboratory capabilities for Human Mass Balance (HMB) studies in the Netherlands. An isotope laboratory was built adjacent to the clinical pharmacology unit, for seamless integration of isotope analyses within the clinical conduct of human mass balance studies. The GLP laboratory is equipped with a liquid scintillation counter (Tri-Carb 2910, Perkin Elmer®), a biological oxidizer (Packard 307 Sample Oxidizer, Perkin Elmer®) and an HPLC-UV instrument (High Performance Liquid Chromatography 1200 series, Agilent®) with Radioflow detection (Ramona Quattro Digital, Raytest®). The new ADME laboratory can process urine, feces, plasma, whole blood, expired air and medication samples on site.


QPS is now exceptionally well equipped to conduct all ADME studies, both clinical and preclinical.

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