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QPS Bio-Kinetic, Early Phase Clinical Trials: 20 Years of Experience Really Add Up - April, 2014

February 7th, 2014 marked the 20th year anniversary as a successful world recognized CRO and Phase 1 clinical research corporation for QPS Bio-Kinetic based in Springfield Missouri.

QPS is proud to stand up to say that its Missouri site has proven to provide volunteers with many different options for trials and staff with solid employment in its 20 year history in Springfield.  Building it from a small mom and pop Phase 1 center of 12 beds to a Phase 1 clinical research facility with over 240 beds and 30,000 square feet has been a memory maker to say the least.

To think, at one time people had to take their offices (computers, phones desks and all) to their cars just to fit volunteers in the clinic to now validating state of the art equipment and running trials with our global colleagues is a hard fact to take in.

One could talk all day about our experiences over the years involving the hundreds of study postponements, countless stories from volunteers, interesting medications made to market and lifelong friends made through volunteers, sponsors and colleagues, but rather, below are a few metrics to take in that we have amassed over the years.

Some interesting facts and achievements by QPS Bio-Kinetic since 1994 (and the numbers are growing faster than ever).

  • Stipends paid to date: $22,300,000
  • Referrals paid to date: $295,000
  • Number of t-shirts given to volunteers: 60,900
  • 1,000 clinical studies completed (and growing quickly)
  • Number of Blood draws/direct stick: 3,900,000
  • Number of single lead ECG run: 260,000
  • Number of times medicating: 290,000
  • Number of Vital Signs taken: 480,000
  • Number of vacutainers purchased: 7,800,000
  • Number of Pour offs Purchased: 8,200,000
  • Number of studies postponed: All but one smiley
  • Rolls of 1000 count labels used: 3,500
  • Total pounds of dry ice purchased: 400,000
  • Trips to Sam’s Club: 1,040
  • Hits on our BBB account: Who cares, we are legit
  • Total business snow days off: ZERO
  • Number of pages of CRF’s completed: 2,210,000
  • Number Clinical summaries completed: 1,000 (not counting revisions)
  • Number of hours QC’ing Protocols: 20,000
  • Number of subjects screened: 122,000
  • Gallons of blood waste sent with the Stericycle truck: 7,800
  • Wooden beds: 132
  • Metal Beds: 110
  • Beds made by staff: 75,000
  • Pounds of laundry washed: 500,000
  • Recruiting pens purchased (and all stolen by participants): 100,000
  • Rice Krispy Treats and Lasagna served 120,000 times
  • Emails sent: 40 Trillion
  • Gaming stations stolen: Two
  • TV’s stolen: 10
  • Number of clients who wished for death on a Saturday morning at 5am: ALL!!
  • Number of little chocolate donuts (rubber tires) consumed in the office before 6am: 10,400
  • Number of sleepless nights: Darn Caterers and Cox….. 
  • Number of phone calls between 1am and 5am: 8,320
  • Total number of participants in database: 37,500
  • Original stipend paid per day: $75 and $10 per return
  • Stipend paid now per day: $200 and $50 per return
  • Number of grandparents dying twice: About 50
  • Number of times Brendon was sprayed by a skunk by clinic B: one too many
  • Number of skunks caught by clinic: 1 big one and 4 cute babies
  • Number of positive UDS: “What, I didn’t smoke anything!!, Your test is wrong dude”….
  • Number if fainters: Doesn’t matter, we still get their blood
  • Number of sponsors: 405
  • Number of studies Audited by the FDA: 32

Here is looking forward to the new metrics on the next 20 years!

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