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Doug Kalman, Director of QPS Miami Research Associates’ Nutrition/Endocrinology Department, Publishes On the Amino Acid Composition of Brown Rice Protein Powders - August, 2014

Concentrated protein powders, commonly used as dietary supplements and in food processing, are available in a variety of flavors and forms, including ready-to-drink shakes, bars, bites, oats, gels and powders. These foods tuffs are commonly manufactured using soy, milk, peas, or eggs as the source of the protein. Brown rice is an excellent source of protein as well, but no comprehensive analysis of the amino acid profiles of a brown rice protein concentrate or isolate has been available so far.

Amino acid profiles derived from organic brown rice protein concentrates or isolates provide evidence that they are a valuable addition to the nutrient database of protein concentrates and isolates from cereal grains, and may be used in place of other protein isolates or concentrates without any loss of essential nutrient value.

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