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Using Biomarker Analysis on Induced Sputum as a Measure of Primary Outcome in Asthma and COPD

Sophisticated Biomarker Sampling as Part of a Network of Excellence

Partnering with the Global BIOSPIT Initiative Centers of Excellence [Clarke, Diamant et al., PPT 2013], QPS’ dedicated laboratory technicians are working to standardize sputum processing techniques. The aim of harmonizing methodologies across dedicated centers is to enable multicenter trials using induced sputum as a primary outcome measure for asthma and COPD studies.


Respiratory studies at QPS
  • We are now finalizing an interventional nasal allergen challenge proof of concept study in allergic rhinitis, in collaboration with several expert centers.
  • Our dedicated respiratory team is preparing to participate in a large asthma study which will start in April. With this in mind, we are building an impressive database of asthmatic patients.
  • In May, we will begin an interventional biomarker study using a virus exacerbation model of human asthma, in collaboration with several expert research and academic centers. Respiratory virus infections are a major factor in exacerbations or loss of asthma control and the induction of airway hyper-responsiveness.

Clarke GW, Diamant Z, Greenaway SD, Rainer M, Allen E, Gispert J. Launching the BIOSPIT initiative: Harmonizing sputum outcomes in multicenter trials.PulmPharmacolTher 2013 Jan 2. doi:pii: S1094-5539(12)00178-2. 10.1016/j.pupt.2012.12.007.

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