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Summer Update from the QPS Respiratory Team

The QPS Respiratory Team has now set up a virus model of asthma. Using this exacerbation model, Dr. Tjeert Mensinga, QPS-dedicated Research Physician, is currently including eligible asthmatics in an interventional biomarker study in close collaboration with national and international centers of excellence. Medical Director & Research Pulmonologist Professor Zuzana Diamant and the QPS Respiratory Team are close to finalizing a large multicenter asthma trial, in collaboration with centers in the UK and Germany.

Sophisticated Biomarker Sampling Powered by a Network of Excellence

Partnering with the Global BIOSPIT Initiative Centers of Excellence [Clarke, Diamant et al., PPT 2013], QPS’ dedicated laboratory technicians are working to standardize sputum processing techniques. The aim of harmonizing methodologies across dedicated centers is to enable multicenter trials using induced sputum as a primary outcome measure for asthma and COPD studies.

Meet us at the European Respiratory Society Annual Congress in Barcelona (September 7 - 11, 2013)

Zuzana Diamant will be visiting the ERS Congress and is co-presenting two scientific posters. Please drop by to learn about our respiratory facilities and collaborations. Email:

ERS Abstracts
  • Bronchodilator effect of a novel inhaled dual PDE3/4 inhibitor, RPL554, in mild allergic asthma & rhinitis
    Z Diamant
    L Franciosi, N Morelli, R Zuiker, IMC Kamerling, M de Kam, J Burggraaf, AF Cohen, M Walker, and CP Page
    Sunday September 8, 2013: 12.50 - 14.40
  • Effects of low- vs high-dose fluticasone/formoterol combination therapy on AMP challenge in asthmatic patients
    F KanniessZ DiamantM Lomax, and M Jain
    Tuesday September 10, 2013: 10.45 - 12.45
Recent Publications
  • Inhaled Allergen Bronchoprovocation Tests. Review supported by the ATS/ERS Task Force on Bronchoprovocation tests.
    Diamant Z, Gauvreau GM, Cockcroft DW, Boulet LP, Sterk PJ; de Jongh FH, Dahlén B, and O'Byrne PM.
    Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (2013) in press
  • RPL554, a dual PDE3 and PDE4 inhibitor with bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties: efficacy and safety in clinical trials in healthy subjects and in patients with asthma or COPD.
    Franciosi L, Diamant Z, Banner KH, et al.
    Lancet Respiratory Medicine (2013) in press
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