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Sampling the Airways and More: QPS Respiratory & Allergy News

Sampling the Airways

Our respiratory team at QPS is always seeking new challenges for optimizing proof of concept in early drug development. Recently, we have extended our existing capabilities for standardized bronchoprovocation challenges (inhaled and nasal allergen, virus, LPS, direct challenges) and airway biomarker samplings (nasal brushings, nasal lavage, exhaled air analysis by FeNO, sputum analysis) by adding novel techniques including nasal secretions analysis and electronic nose (eNose). In expanding our biomarker sampling techniques, we work closely with our (inter)national academic collaborators.

Recently Completed Respiratory & Allergy Studies

Over the past four months, our respiratory team has conducted a combined Phase I study comparing the efficacy of a novel and an existing formulation of a mast cell stabilizing drug in healthy volunteers, subjects with mild allergic asthma, and patients with indolent systemic mastocytosis. The latter was conducted in close collaboration with Dr Hanneke Oude Elberink, allergologist at the University Medical Center Groningen.

Another large project has just been finalized at our facility: a multicenter interventional study of an innovative compound tested in patients with mild asthma, following the rhinovirus (RV16) exacerbation model in combination with nasal brushings and sputum analysis.

Ongoing Respiratory & Allergy Studies

We have just begun recruitment of asthmatic patients for a prestigious Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project (U-Biopred) which will be performed in close collaboration with Amsterdam Medical Center (Professor Peter Sterk and Dr. Rene Lütter) and other international partners. This project aims to optimize the virus challenge model utilizing several invasive and non-invasive biomarkers including nasal lavage, sputum, exhaled air analysis, and bronchoscopic airway samplings in asthmatic subjects.

In parallel, we have started an exciting Phase II biomarker study testing the effectiveness of a new monoclonal antibody in allergic subjects via a nasal allergen challenge and biomarker samplings. To this end, we have joined forces with our collaborating partners at the Lund University Hospital Departments of ENT (Dr. Cecilia Ahlström-Emanuelsson) and Respiratory Medicine & Allergology (Prof. Leif Bjermer), in Sweden.

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