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QPS Neuro and Pronexus Analytical announce formation of a joint partnership

QPS Neuro and Pronexus Analytical announced formation of a joint partnership aiming to build their respective areas of expertise on unified experimental platforms and offer a broader suite of services to their clients. The effects of test compounds can be now evaluated from in vitro screening tests in cell cultures to in vivo studies in rodent models of psychiatric, neurodegenerative, rare disease and metabolic disorders and implementing molecular, immunohistochemical, neurochemical and behavioral techniques.

QPS Neuro is the Austria based early development site of QPS Holdings, LLC, a leading full-service contract research organization and has developed its reputation over the past three decades as a specialist in CNS and Orphan diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease as well as HD, NPC, ALS, depression, psychosis and schizophrenia. QPS is a leading provider of genetically modified organisms for research in CNS diseases and able to combine behavioral analysis, neurochemistry and biochemistry as well as quantitative histology and histopathology. In addition, QPS Neuro has experience and access to unique biomarker technologies, owning, for example, the worldwide exclusive license to the A4-assay for A-beta oligomers from ProMIS Neurosciences. For more information, visit

“We are all excited about this partnership with Pronexus Analytical, because it offers synergies for both partners. Our broad range of experience and the unique knowledge about our animal models, combined with the specific services available from Pronexus will help our clients to expedite new drug developments. Our future collaboration will afford market competitiveness, and allow us to remain the CNS specialist in early drug development” says Dr. Ben Chien, GM of QPS Austria GmbH and CEO of QPS Holdings, LLC.

Pronexus Analytical is a preclinical CRO offering advanced services in CNS pharmacology, neurochemistry and bioanalysis. Pronexus core expertise is focused on PK/PD studies using in vivo microdialysis, CSF, blood microsampling and brain microdissections. The bioanalytical services include UHPLC-MS/MS, UPLC-TOF, high-sensitive HPLC methods, and immunoassays for measuring the levels of neurotransmitters and other signaling molecules, metabolites, as well as concentrations of drugs and toxins in biological samples including microdialysates, cell lysates, CSF, plasma, urine and tissue extracts. For more information, visit

“I am delighted to be working with QPS Holdings, incorporating their renowned expertise in disease models”, said Dr. Jan Kehr, CEO of Pronexus Analytical AB, Sweden. “I believe the addition of Pronexus capabilities to monitor brain chemistry together with the QPS portfolio of behavioral tests and immunohistochemical assays will allow us to help our clients to better understand drug actions at a more detailed and quantitative level, and thereby improve predictability of efficacy and therapeutic utility of drug candidates in clinical trials”.


QPS Neuro
Birgit Hutter-Paier, PhD
Director Neuropharmacology

Pronexus Analytical AB
Jan Kehr, PhD


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