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Kancera AB Selects QPS to Manage First-in-Human Study with KAND567

Study to be conducted at QPS facilities in Groningen, the Netherlands

Kancera AB, a pharmaceutical development company currently focused on the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease, today announced that it has selected QPS as the CRO (Contract Research Organization) to manage the first-in-human study with its drug candidate KAND567.

The first-in-human study with KAND567 will be conducted at QPS facilities in Groningen, the Netherlands. QPS is a GLP/GCP-compliant contract research organization supporting discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development.

The clinical study will enroll an estimated number of 80 subjects for single and multiple dosing.

This Phase I study will evaluate safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, (how the drug is metabolized) and food effect (how food affects absorption) after oral dosing of KAND567 in healthy subjects.

About KAND567
KAND567 is an orally available small molecule antagonist to CX3CR1, the receptor of Fractalkine. The level of Fractalkine and its receptor, CX3CR1 has been shown to be elevated in many inflammatory diseases, cancer and in chronic pain conditions. Kancera’s drug candidate KAND567 has been shown effective in preclinical disease models preventing relapse in autoimmune disease and pain associated chemo therapy.

In the healthy individual, Fractalkine and its receptor, CX3CR1, regulate migration of immune cells from the blood capillary wall into areas where the immune system is needed. Animal studies show that Fractalkine’s receptor is not essential for survival and that important immune functions remain intact despite the lack of receptor. The basis for successful development of KAND567 lies in effectively addressing local inflammation and tumor cell function while maintaining a healthy immune system.

About Kancera AB
Kancera develops the basis for new therapeutics, starting with new treatment concepts and ending with the sale of a drug candidate to international pharmaceutical companies. Kancera is currently developing drugs for the treatment of leukemia and solid tumors, based on blocking survival signals in the cancer cell and on addressing cancer metabolism. Kancera’s operations are based in the Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Stockholm and the company employs around 15 people. Kancera shares are traded on NASDAQ First North and the number of shareholders were more than 7700 as of January 13th, 2017. FNCA is Kancera's Certified Adviser. Professor Carl-Henrik Heldin, Professor Håkan Mellstedt, and MD PhD Charlotte Edenius are board members and Kancera's scientific advisers.

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About QPS Holdings, LLC
Founded in 1995, QPS is a GLP/GCP-compliant contract research organization (CRO) and life sciences products supplier supporting discovery, preclinical, and clinical drug development, providing quality services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients worldwide. QPS linearly integrated core competencies include: neuropharmacology, DMPK, liver research, toxicology, bioanalysis, translational medicine, and clinical research program management. QPS regional laboratories and testing facilities are located at company headquarters in Newark, DE; Springfield, MO; Fargo, ND; Research Triangle Park, NC; Hollywood, FL; South Miami, FL, USA; Groningen, The Netherlands; Graz, Austria; Hyderabad, India; Barcelona, Spain; and Taipei, Taiwan.

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