QPS CTPS Taiwan adds further internationally trained and board-certified scientists to its team to strengthen pathology and toxicology capabilities

Dr. Walter Bee, VP and Head of Global Safety Assessment and Regulatory Affairs, comments:

"With the addition of Dr. Patricia Lin, DVM, MS, DACVP, we have added a board certified pathologist to our team at the Center of Toxicological and Preclinical Sciences in Taipei. Pat, who is a Taiwanese national, comes with six years of experience in small and large molecule toxicological pathology in the US CRO business. She will direct the Pathology Group at CTPS and interact closely with domestic and international sponsors.

Strengthening our toxicology group, Yasuo Mori, MS, LATG, DABT, DJST, joined us as Associate Director Safety Assessment. He is board-certified as toxicologist in the USA and Japan and brings with him fifteen years of CRO experience in General Toxicology, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology, and Safety Pharmacology. Yasuo will serve as Senior Study Director in toxicology and lead our newly established Safety Pharmacology group."

Vincent Yen, President & CEO of QPS Taiwan, comments:

"We have seen the increasing of biotech development in Asia Pacific, and the trend of outsourcing to Asia also continues to grow, the needs for preclinical services in Asia is an upward trend.

Our vision is to establish a high quality yet lower cost facility in Taiwan to serve the needs of Asia Pacific rim as well as global markets.

Dr. Benjamin Chien, CEO of QPS , adds:

"Taiwan has been investing heavily in its biomedical sciences industry over the last 15 years, building up infrastructure, establishing cutting-edge technologies and developing manpower under its Promotion Plan for the Biotechnology Industry which was first released in 1995.

Taiwan has achieved remarkable economic success, having transformed itself in a few short decades to the technology-driven economic powerhouse that it is today. Taiwan's aim is to achieve the same kind of success and global standing in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Taiwan's strategic location close to China and straddling Northeast and Southeast Asiacombined with deliberate planning on the part of the government has led to a highly educated workforce and world-class research facilities giving it the edge over its competitors in the rest of Asia.

The strategy and direction of Taiwan's biopharmaceutical industry development is clear and focused. Industry, institutions and government bodies all follow international developmental guidelines and it therefore comes as no surprise that QPS strengthens its position in key areas of the biopharmaceutical research, pathology and safety pharmacology, by adding internationally qualified researchers to its preclinical development center in Taiwan."

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