Translational Medicine

New Biomarker Assays at QPS Are Paving the Way for Personlized medicine - February, 2014

The following biomarker assays have recently been added to the QPS Global Assay Database:

New Biomarker Assays Surrogate Endpoint
β2-microglobulin (B2M) – Human Serum & Urine Kidney function
CD40 (soluble) Atherosclerosis
c-Met / Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor 1 (HGF-R1) Activation of c-MET/HGF pathway in cancer cells
Collagen IV Liver injury
Cystatin C – Human Serum & Urine Kidney function
ICAM1 Atherosclerosis
MT-RNR1 [1555A>G] and MT-TS1 [3243A>G] Mitochondrial DNA Genotyping Predisposition to aminoglycoside ototoxicity and/or late-onset sensorineural hearing loss

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