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Launching Flow Cytometry Services at QPS

Two Flow Cytometry software packages provide resources and flexibility for acquisition and analysis. The BD FACSCanto™ Clinical Software is used for FDA-approved, In-Vitro Diagnostics assays including Becton Dickinson’s TBNK analysis kits. The TBNK kits are capable of providing a complete immune panel (T-, B- and NK lymphocyte subsets) in a single tube, saving time and resources. Additionally, when used with BD Trucount™ Tubes, the software is able to determine absolute counts of cells per μL.


With the BD FACSDiva™ Software, QPS can customize staining panels in up to 8 colors (parameters) in addition to forward and side scatter properties, to support either research or clinical studies.

Popular applications include:
  • Multi-Parameter Cell Phenotyping
    • Extracellular and/or intracellular
    • Cell population/subpopulation percentages
  • Inflammatory Responses
  • Cell Viability
  • DNA Cell Content
  • Cell Cycle Analysis
  • Cytotoxicity Studies
  • Receptor Occupancy studies
  • Platelet Analysis
  • Cytometric Bead Array (CBA): Bead-based immunoassays of multiplexed biomarkers in individual samples (plasma or other biological matrix)

Combined with our strong biomarker, pharmacogenomics, and cell-based assay development capabilities, QPS’ new flow cytometry service offerings can provide excellent support for both research and clinical studies, particularly in the oncology and anti-inflammatory therapeutic areas.

For inquiries, please contact:

Susan Zondlo, Ph.D. at, or LingSing Chen, Ph.D. at

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