Quality Assurance

To ensure quality and compliance, each regional QPS site has a Quality Assurance team that is independent from operations. Our regional Quality Assurance teams are located at our headquarters in Newark, DE, USA; Springfield, MO, USA; Groningen, The Netherlands; Graz, Austria; Hyderabad, India; and Taipei, Taiwan.


All QAU personnel have a wealth of GxP industry and CRO experience and are cross-functional to effectively monitor, audit, report and recommend effective solutions to operational staff and management.

QA compliance activities include a wide variety of internal audits across multiple scientific disciplines to ensure the quality, accuracy and compliance for each study. In addition, QPS facilities, equipment, computerized data collection systems and vendors are also regularly audited for compliance. Not to mention throughout each year QPS is continually being qualified and monitored by new and existing clients or inspected by regulatory authorities for overall compliance and performance.

Through each type of audit our Quality Assurance, technical staff and operational management continuously work together as a team to identify, communicate and resolve any observed or potential problems.

If you would like to schedule an audit, please contact us at info@qps.com and you will be put in touch with a Quality Assurance representative to help you coordinate mutually available audit dates

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