Why QPS is Your Link to Quality, Accuracy, Accountability and Total Compliance?

From the first contact with our sponsor through the research and development to a submission for approval, QPS partners with our worldwide clients to discover and develop medicines that will benefit patients worldwide; medicines that will be taken by our families, friends and communities. QPS knows that high quality, accuracy and compliance are critical aspects built in to our services to support your studies and must be apparent in the final deliverable and through inspections.

QPS employs accountability by modeling a top-down management approach to set the tone and ensure high quality services to include:

  • Available resources and qualified personnel
  • Compliance to study protocol, SOPs, and regulations
  • Ongoing communication among our staff and clients
  • Problem-resolution and impact assessment for any situations that arise

QPS has a proven and successful track record that is a direct result of QPS employees who are a passionate, experienced, organized and driven team. We engage with our clients to understand their needs and we maintain a relationship and communication throughout the study to ensure our client's are well informed, involved and satisfied with our services.

Through our dedication to quality and compliance, QPS continues to thrive on our client's satisfaction, preferred provider relationships, and repeat business.

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