Selecting clinical sites for vaccine trials… a new solution that can save cost and time.

Current Challenges

Typically, vaccine trials are conducted at multi-center Phase III sites that specialize in various patient populations. Unfortunately, many of these sites can only supply a small number of subjects and require weeks if not months to enroll subjects. Some vaccine developers complain that certain sites even enroll subjects that do not meet inclusion/exclusion criteria. But the major concern is that using multiple sites is expensive and inefficient.

Most Phase I sites that specialize in healthy, normal subjects do not conduct vaccine studies on a regular basis, especially large Phase I sites. One might assume that vaccine studies would fit their subject populations quite well, but often large Phase I sites do not choose to participate. The concern for large Phase I sites is that a vaccine trial frequently lasts several months or longer, preventing subjects from participating in their standard clinical pharmacology trials. When these large Phase I sites do participate in vaccine trials, they are often seen as being of low profit and so manage them accordingly.


There is a better option for your next vaccine trial. QPS provides a unique approach that will allow you to rapidly complete enrollment and conduct of your vaccine trial at one or (if needed) more of its five global Phase I sites, providing significant savings over your multi-center vaccine trials. These benefits are achieved through a rare combination of experience, a large specialized global database of subjects, state-of-the-art clinical facilities; and the best quality in the industry.

Unique Approach

Years ago, QPS realized that subjects who typically participate in trials with confinement are not the same subjects who will participate in outpatient vaccine trials. Armed with this knowledge, QPS developed a large global database of participants willing and able to participate in both types of trials. Thus, QPS is able to satisfy clients who want to do vaccine trials, and also the more typical Phase I confinement trials. QPS’ global database includes healthy male and female subjects from 18 to 90+. QPS has the ability to fill over 80% of trials exclusively from the database. In addition, QPS has found its subjects have very healthy lifestyles and are very compliant with protocol requirements. This result in an average dropout rate of less than 5%, including its long term vaccine trials.

Access to Quality Subjects

Where does QPS finds these subjects?
Our worldwide state-of-the-art facilities are located in Springfield, Missouri, USA; Miami, Florida, USA; Hollywood, Florida, USA; Hyderabad, India; Taipei, Taiwan and
Groningen, The Netherlands. All these clinical Phase I sites are located in metropolitan areas with large populations of college students. Separate clinical units at the different Phase I sites allow subjects to be separated into different clinics for outpatient returns or confinement.

High Quality and Thoroughly Trained Staff

While CROs always mention quality, other sites do not deliver. QPS clients often comment on its consistent excellence. Each trial awarded to QPS begins with protocol review, staff training and a hands-on “dry run” to ensure the highest quality. The staff also receives regular GCP training, which leads to outstanding compliance. QPS clients regularly praise its quality, in particular the subjects, the data, and its client communications. To see updated client comments, please go to our

QPS for Your Next Vaccine Trial

There are many places where you might conduct your next vaccine trial, but there is only one right choice: QPS. Other sites cannot compete with our experience, our ability to recruit and dose large numbers of subjects quickly, our state-of-the-art facilities and QPS’ quality. Choose QPS for your next vaccine trial and let us show you our commitment to your needs.

Highly Experienced Sites

QPS has completed thousands of Phase I studies since its inception in 1994 of which many were vaccine trials for various infections. In every vaccine study with competitive enrollment, QPS has been the highest enrolling site.

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