Dr. Benjamin M. Chien founded Quest Pharmaceutical Services in 1995 to provide high quality bioanalytical LC-MS/MS contract services. Since then, QPS has posted impressive growth every year and has grown from a small molecule bioanalysis shop of three people to over 1150+ employees in the United States, Europe, India and Asia. Over the years, the company has adopted additional services, including neuropharmacology, DMPK, toxicology, translational medicine, early stage clinical research and phase II - IV clinical research.

  • 2012
    QPS acquired Miami Research Associates to establish QPS MRA USA
  • 2012
    QPS acquired JSW Life Sciences to establish QPS Austria
  • 2011
    QPS acquired Bioserve to establish QPS Bioserve India
  • 2011
    QPS acquired Qualitix to establish QPS Qualitix Taiwan
  • 2010
    QPS acquired CTPS to establish QPS CTPS Taiwan
  • 2010
    QPS acquired XDD to establish QPS Netherlands
  • 2008
    QPS acquired BKCA to establish QPS Bio-Kinetic USA
  • 2005
    Bioserve founded
  • 2004
    QPS Taiwan founded
  • 1999
    JSW Life Sciences founded
  • 1999
    Xendo Drug Development (XDD) founded
  • 1997
    Genovate/Qualitix founded
  • 1996
    Miami Research Associates (MRA) founded
  • 1995
    QPS (Delaware) founded
  • 1994
    Bio-Kinetic Clinical Applications (BKCA) founded
  • 1984
    Center of Toxicology and Preclinical Sciences (CTPS)/DCB founded
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