Clinical Trials Kit Production Service

QPS Missouri is fully equipped to assemble your clinical trial kits and ship them to any global clinical trial site. Kit preparation is typically a 24-hour turnaround.
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Why QPS?


Individualized service

We can tailor everything to your needs, from supplies and documents to kit delivery. Our flexibility allows us to meet almost any request or requirement you have.

Quick turnaround times

From the supplies required to the documents we create to getting kits on site, we are capable of tailoring anything to the needs of our clients.

Overnight Services For Supplies

We have the capability to offer our clients expedited overnight shipping services.

Personalized interactions

Every order and communication receives an individualized response from an actual human being.

Clinical Trial Kit Assembly

Whether you require a small kit for just a few sites, or a complex kit for a large multisite study, QPS can handle your request! Our team is set up and ready to start on your project. Typical orders ship in 24 hours.

User Training Materials

Detailed instructions and Training Manuals can be created and included in each kit based on protocol requirements. Our highly trained staff can write the text (based on your protocol) and print the brochures/flyers, or we can include the paperwork you provide.

Shipment and Tracking

Leave the logistics to us! We can pick, pack, ship and track your clinical trial kits, ensuring that you always know exactly where they are and when they will arrive at each location.
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