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dateNov 28, 2016
For all you assay aficionados out there, we thought you’d be juiced to know — we just added a whopping 47 new assays to the QPS Assay Finder Database (https://www.qps.com/ser-bioanalysis.php#QPSAssay)more
dateDec 13, 2016
At QPS, we love making customers happy. Here’s what two of them had to say about our work in DMPK protein binding studies:
First of all, my compliments and thanks for the work that Wenbin and the other members of the QPS team did on the XYZ protein binding study. more
dateDec 5, 2016
For outstanding performance including growth in sales, continuous growth in minority business to minority business purchases, innovation in the delivery of services, significant and continuous contribution to the growth and... more
dateSep 14, 2016
Mr. Sanjay Mitter joined QPS as VP and Global Head of Clinical Research Services. He is currently responsible for Clinical Research, i.e. global pharmacokinetics, data management, biostatistics, medical writing and publishing... more